Domaine Gourdon is situated between the Gironde and the Dordogne in the Canton of Duras. Its location at the top of a wooded hill to the north-east of the small village of Esclottes gave it a favourable aspect and good calcarious-clay soils. The domaine was established in 2003 when the old buildings and 16 hectares of land were separated from a larger estate and acquired by Jonathan Coulthard. He was then joined by Jonathan Walkden in 2010. Together they produce character wines with a philosophy of minimum intervention, both in the vineyard and the winemaking process. Domaine Gourdon wines are always low in sulphur and safe for wine consumers susceptible to chemical additives. Overall production is naturally low with an emphasis on high quality, leading to wines that reflect each vintage to the best of its (and our) abilities.



Jon Coulthard – Jonathan Coulthard originally trained as a civil engineer and, after spending many years globetrotting working on large building projects, decided to follow his passion in wine and enrolled at Plumpton College in Sussex for a 2 year BTec course in wine production. While a student he worked at a nearby vineyard in the Côtes de Duras region before finally finding a vineyard of his own, and creating Domaine Gourdon.



Jonathan Walkden – prior to embarking on the viticulture and wine-making course, Jonathan worked in retail IT whereupon after some 17 desk-bound years he too decided to follow a passion for all things vinuous and also trained  at Plumpton college for 2 years graduating in 2007 with an FdSc. in Wine production. In 2010 he finally made the move south and joined the other Jonathan in partnership at Domaine Gourdon having already spent several vintages there assisting both in the vineyard and winery and in Italy gaining further valuable experience.