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Award winning wine from South West France

Home to delicious A.O.C. Côtes-de-Duras wines

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Domaine Gourdon, 47120 Esclottes, France

Email: info@domaine-gourdon.com

+33 5 53 93 39 18
+33 6 78 77 98 16 (Jonathan Coulthard)
+33 6 98 91 13 33 (Jonathan Walkden)



The International Wine Challenge

The International Wine Challenge

Domaine Gourdon wines have from time to time in recent years been known to enter in ‘The International Wine Challenge’ and to our great delight have won both silver and bronze medals giving us confidence that we are heading in the right direction with our wines!

More recently we decided to try out a competition ‘close to heart’ and on ‘home turf’ so to speak. So we entered our Château Terra rouge from the 2010 vintage into the 24th Concours des Vignerons Indépendants in Paris last March

  ……and were very happy to be awarded our first GOLD medal!

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